Keindahan Alam Indonesia Yang Tersembunyi

[Keindahan Alam Indonesia Yang Tersembunyi] Dianut oleh terumbu karang hidup dan sehat , Pulau Weh secara alami tak tersentuh meskipun ukurannya yang kecil dan akses mudah . Ini adalah taman lain yang sering dilupakan . Lokasinya berada di pulau paling barat dari kepulauan Indonesia . Terletak di jalan pintu masuk Selat Malaka , pulau ini umumnya suatu bagian laut dan permata bagi banyak yacht dan kapal pesiar untuk mengunjungi dan melihat . Continue reading

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WeChat launches latest version for BlackBerry

Social communication service WeChat introduce the latest version 3.0 of the BlackBerry OS 5 , OS 6 and OS 7 .

WeChat 3.0 provides new features such as Moments to share photos and images with friends, a broadcast message , personalize the display background chatter , interact with the Official Account according to the menu . Continue reading

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Tips to Stay Healthy While Joy ‘Snacking’

Eating healthy foods is a must. Unfortunately, the desire is sometimes collide with a job. Time comes to eat, but work still piling up? And when the meal arrives, most of us choose the menu that are less precise because only concerned with filling the stomach rather than attempt to replace energy that has been used with a balanced nutritional diet. Continue reading

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Lewis Hamilton column: The following of Formula 1 greatness

Sebastian Vettel won his fourth apple appellation in India aftermost weekend and I appetite to congratulate him on a superb achievement.

To accept had so abundant success so young, he is able-bodied on his way to actuality apparent as the greatest anytime driver, in the faculty that he could conceivably bout Michael Schumacher’s amazing annal of seven apple titles and 91 victories. Continue reading

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NYC police: 5 asleep afterwards Brooklyn stabbings

New York City badge apprenticed advanced Sunday in investigating the deaths of four accouchement and a 37-year-old woman who were stabbed at a Brooklyn residence, adage a being of absorption had been taken into custody. Continue reading

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Facebook removes beheading video, updates agitated images standards

Facebook Inc removed a video of a woman actuality beheaded from its website on Tuesday and said it would use a broader set of belief to actuate back bleeding videos are acceptable on the site. Continue reading

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Tes Posting Pertama Di WordPress

Hello Para pengguna WordPresss

Nama saya Ali Ridla CS, dan aku lulusan S1 teknik Informatika di STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta. Anda mungkin bertanya-tanya siapa aku dan mengapa aku menulis posting blog ini. Nah , hari ini menandai tepat dua tahun tak menyetuh dunia per-bloggeran. Yang terasa hanya sedikit gila untuk mengatakan, dengan cara itu sepertinya aku sudah di sini lebih lama, tapi dengan cara lain rasanya seperti baru satu bulan kembali ngeblog lagi!

Anyway, karena ini adalah posting blog pertama saya, saya kira saya hanya sampai disini dulu Tes Posting Pertama Di WordPress.

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